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smirnoff bottles


To bring some hometown pride, Smirnoff allows you to rep your city by having limited edition bottles that are inspired by the unique characteristics of cities across Canada and the United States.

A hidden message is embedded in the bottle reflecting unique traits of a specific city.

roles: art direction, lead designer

creative direction: Yilma Campbell, Marta Hooper
copywriter: Troy Palmer
designer & production artist: Carly Ross

Smirnoff Chicago Bottles Front and Back
All Canadian Smirnoff Bottles - Front Side
All American Smirnoff Bottles - Front Side
Smirnoff Canada Bottle
Smirnoff Canada Bottle
Smirnoff Toronto Bottle
Smirnoff Texas Bottle
Smirnoff Seattle Bottle
Smirnoff Chicago Bottle
Smirnoff NYC Bottle
Smirnoff California Bottle
Smirnoff Florida Bottle
Smirnoff Colorado Bottle