Christia Monogram

Clearco: International

Womens Day


For International Women's Day, a lander was made to promote breaking the bias (#BreakTheBias). The lander feature videos of women founders that Clearco funds, speaking about their personal experiences/struggles of the inception of their startup.

There was an opportunity to bring women founders into the spotlight by giving them a platform to be seen and address their issues of how VCs see them. Also, to encourage other women to start their entrepreneurial journey by giving insights how Clearco's funding helped their business grow.

roles: art direction, ux research, design

design director: Jeremy Bailey
developer: Mariusz Dabrowski
videographers/editors: Anthony Rojo Samargo, Adam Freeman
art director (video): Saksham Sharma

IWD Mobile
Opportunity 1
Opportunity 2
Content flow + questions for founders
Wireframe and user flow
Wireframe: Mobile
IWD mobile views
IWD lander