Christia Monogram



Intuition is an exploration of the senses. The art installtions were created with hair and found materials. A hand sewn, behind the scenes book was made to document the two month process from ideation to execution of the project.

roles: design
cover art: Xue Liang
artists: Erika Fung, Arisa Yamasaki, Xue Liang
photography: Natasha Gerschon
mua: Christina Nguyen, Melanie White
model: Tiffany Hung
fashion designer: Kelvin Roman Lau

Intuition Behind the Scenes Books
Intuition: Hear
Intuition: Smell
Intuition: Taste
Intuition: Touch
Intuition: See
Intuition: Feel
Intuition books stacked
Intuition books stacked
Intuition - Close up of stitching
Intuition Spreads 01
Intuition Spreads 02
Intuition Spreads 03
Intuition Spreads 04
Intuition - installation: SIGHT
Intuition - installation: mask - HEAR
Intuition - installtion: TOUCH